Introducing Cab Guru

Cab Guru is a taxi and cab comparison app, created with a single purpose – to be the better way to get a local cab.


How do we do it? We give customers easy access to local taxi and cab companies in the UK, 24/7. 

So whether you are in London or Lincoln you can instantly compare journey costs and arrival times of different local cabs, then book one for a fixed price.

Cab Guru. Compare local. Book local.

Our service promise

We promise you 3 things:


You want to feel safe. We only use fully licensed taxis or private hire cabs. It’s as simple as that. This is the best way to ensure our customers have a safe journey.

Great Value

You want a great deal. We always compare local cab company prices, so you get the best price and that price is fixed.


You don’t want to wait. Because we give you access to multiple local cab companies in your area there’s a better chance that there’s a cab ready to pick you up as soon as you need it.


Compare hundreds of cheap taxi and minicab fares and prices